Integrate and interact with Unbxd PIM

Getting Started

You can use the Unbxd PIM APIs to integrate and interact with features of Unbxd PIM.

Unbxd PIM is a centralized, single source of truth for all product content. Unbxd PIM helps ecommerce brands to consolidate scattered product data, transform them to standardized formats and publish product content to all sales channels, from a single platform.

The standard PIM process starts off with importing products from different sources.  The products files can be in .CSV, .XLS, .JSON, or .XML file formats. The import can also happen with  a .ZIP file with one of the file formats listed above.

These formats can be accessed from multiple sources like a user’s machine, an SFTP location, a public URL, or a channel. The channel includes e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify etc.

After the successful completion of a product import, the products are available for the PIM user at a central location (PRODUCTS tab in Unbxd PIM) for further processing. This involves adding new product to the already existing list of products and updating product content with respect to its properties. There is also provision to add variant products and update digital assets of the product.

Once the products are accurate and complete with respect to its information, it is considered ready and is certified for network. Certification is a process by which the user or the related organization authenticates the product content for distribution. After the certification, products are available in the NETWORK tab of Unbxd PIM. Network will ensure exchange of the product information to different stakeholders in specified formats.

With APIs, the integration can happen between Unbxd PIM and an ecommerce platform like BigCommerce. A successful integration can mean seamless connectivity and bidirectional product information transfer between PIM and ecommerce-platform powered websites.

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