Integrate and interact with Unbxd PIM

Import Listing API

The Import Listing API lets you retrieve the import history of Unbxd PIM.


POST /v1/imports/details

Request Parameters:


Name: Value Required Data Type
content-type: application/json Yes String
Authorization: api_key Yes String

Request Body:

	"page": 1,
	"count": 10


Name Data Type Description
page Integer Page number in a paginated list of imports
count Integer Number of imports to be retrieved in a page

Upper limit: 100



    "data": {
        "count": 10,
        "page": 3,
        "total": 38,
        "entries": [
                "import_file_id": "5cffce2f81af030008916994",
                "import_name": "First Import",
                "file_name": "",
                "import_state": "PRE_IMPORT_FAILED",
                "created_at": 1560268335106
                "import_file_id": "5cffce2981af030008916993",
                "import_name": "Subsequent Import",
                "file_name": "",
                "import_state": "IMPORT_COMPLETED",
                "created_at": 1560268329332


Name Data Type Description
import_file_id String Unique identifier for the product import
import_name String Name for the import
file_name String Name of  the imported file
import_state String Import status
created_at Long Import timestamp
Yes No
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