Integrate and interact with Unbxd PIM

Integration API

The Integration API uses the appCustomId and orgKey to give the apiKey.


POST /v2/register

Request Parameters:


Name: Value Required Data type
content-type: application/json Yes String
Authorization: auth_token from login API Yes String


Request Body:

    "appCustomId": "Brand_Com_TEST",
    "orgKey": "ce97f30c78949790ee59054d08538414"
    "siteName": "sitenameforuser1"


Name Data Type Description
appCustomId String Identifies different platform ids.
orgKey String Integration key to integrate with Unbxd PIM
siteName (optional) String Site name to identify multiple sites from the same platform.



    "data": {
        "apiKey": "5d00c4ccfb505a000865e1a9"


Name Data Type Description
apiKey String Key to access all Unbxd PIM APIs.
Yes No
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