Integrate and interact with Unbxd PIM


Unbxd PIM supports three types of products:

1. Solo product: A product with no variants.

2. Parent productOnce variants are added to a solo product, the product becomes a parent product and is linked to the newly associated variant products. For example, the common properties of a shoe would be:

  • Product Name – Jordan Zoom
  • Product Brand – Hikee
  • Product Type – Shoe

3. Variant product: A variant product shares common properties with its parent and every variant product is linked to its parent product. For example, the variant properties of the shoe mentioned above would be:

  • Variant 1:  Color – Blue, Size: US 8, Style – Sports
  • Variant 2:  Color – Red, Size: US 8, Style – Sports
  • Variant 3: Color – Teal, Size: US 9, Style – Casual

Products Listing View

The Unbxd PIM Products Listing page displays products with the following views:

  • Default view
  • Parent products view

The default view will display solo products and variant products. The parent products view will display solo products and parent products.

You can use the following product APIs:

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