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Properties are product characteristics that hold product information of a certain data type. For example, a T-shirt with Size “Large”, “Medium” and Color “Blue”.  Size and Color are the properties of the T-shirt and “Large”, “Medium”, and “Blue” are the respective property values. The data type of the values can vary from a string to a number. 

The table below describes the different data types for product properties.

Data Type Description or Action
String Supports a property values with a simple text or string.
Number Supports a property with numerical values.
Date Supports property values in date format.
Link Supports URL to relevant web pages.
Boolean Supports one of the two possible values, for example, True or False, Yes or No.
File Allows the property to upload any file other than an image file.
Image Allows the property to upload an image file.
Tree/List Supports a property with known multiple values or hierarchical data. For example, a property “Color” has a known set of color values. Once you map a property as Category in the import file, the property will automatically take the data type “Tree/List”.
Text Area Supports a property with unlimited text. For example, long descriptions of the product.


You can use the following property APIs:

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