Integrate and interact with Unbxd PIM

Trigger Export API (Third-Party API)

Note: This API is not part of the Unbxd PIM APIs. You must set up this API in the app to initiate specific export configurations from Unbxd PIM.

The export configurations include the specific products and linked adapter.

Here is how you can create the API:


POST /api/v1/exportFromPim

Request Parameters:


Name: Value Required Data Type
content-type: application/json Yes String
Accept: application/json Yes String

Request Body:

  "api_key": "api_key",
  "reference_id": "reference_id"

Note: The reference_id retrieved in the response must be used in the Get Products API.


Name Data Type Description
api_key String Key to access all Unbxd PIM APIs
reference_id String Retrieves specific certified products from Unbxd PIM


	"data": {
		"message": "Initiated export"
Yes No
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