Structured information to guide you through Unbxd PIM with minimal assistance
  1. Introduction
  2. Access Unbxd PIM
  3. Explore Unbxd PIM
  4. Features of Overview page
  5. Profile
  6. Organization - Set up your PIM Team
    1. Invite a New Member
    2. Update Member Information
    3. View a Member Information
    4. Delete a Member
    5. Create a New Role
    6. Set Property Permissions for a Role
    7. Set System Permissions for a Role
    8. Change Assigned Members of a Role
    9. Change Property Permissions for a Role
    10. Change System Permissions for a Role
    11. Change the Role Name
    12. View a Role Information
    13. Delete a Role
    14. Edit your Organization Profile Information
  7. Imports - Onboard & Schedule your Product Content
    1. Import File Best Practices
    2. Tips for doing an effective import
    3. Perform First-time Product Import
    4. Import data via SFTP
    5. View an Existing Import Information
    6. Schedule an Import
    7. Edit a Scheduled Import
    8. View a Scheduled Import Information
    9. Stop a Scheduled Import
    10. Delete a Scheduled Import
    11. Import Templates
    12. Deleting Import Template
    13. Trouble Shooting Import Errors
  8. Products - Build & Enrich Product Content
    1. Advanced Search and Filtering and saving filters by creating static product group
    2. Customize your Product Listing View
    3. Add a Solo Product
    4. Add a Solo Product via AI
      1. AI Content Score
    5. Add a Variant Product
    6. Edit a Solo Product
    7. Edit a Parent Product
    8. Edit Products from Product Listing Page
    9. Edit a Variant Product from its Parent Product
    10. Product Listing Page [AG Grid Feature / Excel Mode]
    11. View Activity Log Details for a Product
    12. View Product Details
    13. Cloning a Product
    14. Assign Category to Product from Product Display Page
    15. Create and View task from PDP Page
    16. View Task Information from Product Display Page
    17. One Click Export
    18. Delete a Product from Product Listing Page
    19. Delete Product from Product Display Page
    20. Product Groups
      1. Create a Static Product Group
      2. Edit a Static Product Group
      3. View a Static Product Group Information
      4. Delete a Static Product Group
      5. Create a Dynamic Product Group
      6. Edit a Dynamic Product Group
      7. View a Dynamic Product Group Information
      8. Delete a Dynamic Product Group
    21. Bulk Actions for Products & Product Groups
      1. Add Products to a Static Product Group
      2. Bulk Edit Products
      3. Bulk Edit Category
      4. Assign Task
      5. Certify Products
      6. Delete Multiple Products
      7. Certify Product Groups
      8. Run Readiness Report
      9. Delete Product Groups
      10. Edit Multiple Products from a Static Product Group
      11. Remove Products from a Static Product Group
      12. Delete Products from a Dynamic Product Group
      13. Delete Products from a Static Product Group
      14. Edit Multiple Products from a Dynamic Product Group
      15. Enrich Products or Product group data
  9. Certified Products & Certified Product Group
    1. Customize your Products Listing View
    2. Export Certified Products
    3. Export Products with Readiness Check & Assign Task
    4. View Activity Log Details for a Product
    5. Delete Products from Certified Product Group
    6. Export Certified Product Groups
    7. Export Certified Product Groups with Readiness Check & Assign Task
    8. Add Channel Readiness for a Certified Product Group
    9. Edit a Certified Product Group
    10. View Certified Products
    11. Delete a Product Group
  10. Scripts - Transform your Product Data
    1. Using the Transformation Script Editor
    2. Post Transformation
    3. List of Transformation Scripts
  11. Properties - Manage your Product Characteristics
    1. Property Data Types
    2. Create a New Property
    3. Change the Property Name and Assigned Property Group
    4. Change Role Permissions for a Property
    5. Make a Property Searchable
    6. View a Property Information
    7. Download all Properties
    8. Delete a Property
    9. Property Groups
      1. Create a New Property Group
      2. Change Property Group Name and Associated Properties
      3. View a Property Group Information
      4. Delete a Property Group
  12. Categories - Manage your Product Classifications
    1. Create a New Category & Subcategory
    2. Change Category Name & Associated Properties
    3. View Category & Subcategory Information
    4. Delete a Category or Subcategory
    5. Bulk Remove Categories
    6. Upload Category Property Association
    7. Download Category Property Association
    8. Download Category Property Template
  13. Tasks - First Step Towards Building Processes
    1. Create a New Task
    2. Edit an Existing Task
    3. View Task Details and Task Status Details
    4. Task Templates
      1. Create a New Task Template
      2. Edit a Task Template
      3. View Task Template Details
      4. Create a Task using a Task Template
      5. Delete a Task Template
    5. Task Assignee
  14. Readiness Reports-Ensure product information completeness
    1. Creating Readiness Report
    2. Downloading Readiness Report
    3. Viewing Readiness Reports
    4. Assigning Task using Readiness Report
  15. Catalogs - Share real-time Product Content
    1. Create & Share a New Catalog
    2. Edit a Catalog
    3. Delete a Catalog
  16. Workflows - Automate PIM Processes
    1. Create a New Workflow
    2. Run a Workflow Manually
    3. Pause & Resume a Workflow
    4. Edit a Workflow
    5. View Workflow Details
    6. View Activity Log Details for a Workflow
    7. Delete a Workflow
    8. Bulk Actions
  17. Digital Asset Management - Manage your Digital Files
    1. Add a New Asset
    2. Associate Assets with Products
    3. Perform Asset Transformations
    4. Deassociate Asset from Products
    5. Download Assets
    6. Delete an Asset
  18. Exports
    1. View Exports
    2. Download an Exported File
    3. Send an Email with the Exported File
    4. Schedule an Export
    5. Edit a Scheduled Export
    6. View Scheduled Export Details
    7. Email Exports
    8. Stop a Scheduled Export
    9. Delete a Scheduled Export
    10. Export Parent Products
    11. Export Products via SFTP
    12. Standard Templates and Custom Templates
      1. Edit a Standard Template
      2. View Standard Template Details
      3. Create a Custom Template
      4. Bulk add properties while creating custom export template
      5. Edit a Custom Template
      6. View Custom Template Details
      7. Delete a Custom Details
  19. Deleting Export Template
  20. Volusion
  21. AI Enrichment Apps
    1. Mandatory Properties and Prompt Values for each AI App
    2. Creation of templates for AI enrichment apps
      1. Amazon Description Generator
      2. Amazon Title Generator
      3. Amazon Ads Headline Generator
      4. Product Name Generator
      5. Google Ads Generator
      6. Google Ad Description Generator
      7. Google Title Generator
      8. Youtube Hooks Generator
      9. Youtube Outline Generator
      10. Youtube Description Generator
      11. Youtube Intros Generator
      12. Youtube Titles Generator
      13. Trending Instagram Hashtag Generator
  22. Bulk Transform and Enrichment
  23. Custom Template Uploader
  24. Custom Template Downloader
  25. Headerless File Format
  26. Bulk Asset Upload and Download
  27. Image Keyword Extraction
  28. Dropbox
  29. Zapier(Gmail)
  30. Zapier(Google Sheet)
  31. Find Duplicates and Related Products
  32. Vend
  33. Volusion
  34. Google URL data Fetcher
  35. UPC Generator
  36. Image Convertor to Webp
  37. Translate Catalog
  38. Extract Common Variant Properties
  39. Image Keyword Extraction
  40. AI Image to Product Builder
  41. DAM Remove BG
  42. Guide for Obtaining AWS S3 Bucket Credentials & Configuring Public Access Permissions
  43. SFTP Watcher App
  44. Generate Partial Search
  45. Channel Integration
    1. Channel Integrations -
      1. Installing BigCommerce store via Unbxd PIM
      2. Importing data into Unbxd PIM from BigCommerce
      3. Mandatory Properties to export products to BigCommerce
      4. Exporting data from Unbxd PIM to BigCommerce
      5. Automating import and export using Templates and Workflows
    2. Channel Intergation-
      1. Installing Shopify via Unbxd PIM
      2. Shopify Store Fetcher
      3. Mandatory Property Mappings for Shopify
      4. Properties in Shopify and Shopify Graph QL and their importance
      5. Importing the data into Unbxd PIM from Shopify
      6. Exporting data from Unbxd PIM to Shopify
      7. Automating import and export using Scheduled Imports/Exports and Workflows
    3. Shopify Graph QL
    4. Channel Integrations -
      1. Installing Unbxd PIM via Brightpearl
      2. Importing the data into Unbxd PIM from Brightpearl
      3. Exporting data from Unbxd PIM to Brightpearl
      4. Automating import and export using Templates and Workflows
    5. Channel Integration -
      1. Installing Magento using Username and Password
      2. Magento Token Based Installtion
      3. Mandatory Properties for Magento
      4. Mageworx
    6. Channel Intergation-
      1. Installing Etsy via Unbxd PIM
      2. Importing the data into Unbxd PIM from Etsy
      3. Exporting data from Unbxd PIM to Etsy
      4. Automating import and export using Scheduled Imports/Exports and Workflows
    7. Channel Integration -
      1. Installing Walmart via Unbxd PIM
    8. Channel Integration-
      1. Installing Unbxd PIM via Amazon Seller central
      2. Installing Amazon Seller Central via Unbxd PIM
      3. Importing data into Unbxd PIM from Amazon
      4. Exporting data from Unbxd PIM to Amazon
      5. Automating import and export using Templates and Workflows
      6. Download category template from amazon seller central
    9. Ebay Installation-
    10. Steps to get template file for Ebay-
    11. Channel Integration-
      1. Google Shopping App Installation
      2. Mandatory Properties for Google Shopping
    12. Woocommerce Installation-

Mandatory Properties and Prompt Values for each AI App


  1. Property name should not have space in it.
  2. Replace spaces with underscore(_)
  3. For the Property for Setting Prompt value the property name should be prefixed with “AI_GEN”

Mandatory properties

Amazon Description Generator

    1. Product_Name
    2. Product_Description

Prompt Value

Generate Attention Grabbing Amazon Description, which highlights the features of the products to boost product discovery.

Amazon Headline Generator

    1. Product_Name
    2. Product_Description
    3. Target_keywords
    4. AI_GEN_AMZ_Headline

Prompt Value

Generate attention grabbing headline by optimizing Keywords and Persuasive Language which makes the ad headlines more compelling and convincing ultimately encouraging potential customers to click on the ad and engage with the advertised product

Amazon Title Generator

    1. Product_Name
    2. Product_Description
    3. Target_keywords
    4. AI_GEN_AMZ_Title

Prompt Value

Generate Amazon Title which enhances the visibility of the product and increases the Track key metrics.

Bullet Point Answers 

    1. Questions
    2. AI_GEN_Bullet_Point_Answers

Prompt Value

  • Generate impactful bullet points that effectively summarize key information and highlight the most important features or benefits of your product service or content
  • Generate concise and attention grabbing bullet points that are easy to read and digest Utilize power words descriptive language and specific details to make your bullet points compelling and persuasive.

Bulk Transform and enrichment

    1. PIM_Product_ID
    2. AI_GEN_Bulk_transform

Catalog Keywords Enrichment

    1. Id
    2. Description
    3. AI_GEN_Catalog_Keywords

Prompt Value

Generate comprehensive and targeted keywords for your product catalog to optimize discoverability and improve search engine rankings

Call to Action

  1. Product_Description

Prompt Value

  • Generate compelling and effective call to action (CTA) statements that prompt your audience to take specific actions.
  • Generate persuasive CTAs that encourage users to click subscribe buy sign up or engage with the desired conversion goal

Content Rephrase Generator

  1. Content_to_rephrase
  2. tone_of_voice
  3. AI_GEN_Content_rephrase

Prompt Value

  • Generate unique and engaging rephrased content that breathes new life into the existing text
  • Generate the content by paraphrasing sentences reorganizing paragraphs and finding alternative ways to express ideas while maintaining the original meaning

Find duplicates and related products

  1. id
  2. product_category
  3. property_list
  4. AI_GEN_FIND_Duplicates

Facebook Ads

  1. occasion
  2. product_name
  3. promotion
  4. product_description
  5. AI_GEN_Facebook_Ads

Prompt Values

  • Generate captivating and high-converting Facebook ads that grab attention, engage the target audience, and drive desired actions. 
  • Generate compelling ad copy that clearly communicates the value proposition, showcases unique selling points and prompts users to click or take a specific action. Incorporate persuasive language attention grabbing headlines and visually appealing imagery to create ads that stand out in the Facebook feed

Google Ads Generator

  1. Product_Name
  2. Product_Description
  3. AI_GEN_Google_Ads

Prompt Value

Generate Google Ads which are eye catching and increases the sale

Google Ad Title

  1. article
  2. Product_description
  3. company_name
  4. AI_GEN_Google_Ad_Title

Prompt Value

Generate Google Ad Title which aligns the brand voice and messaging, ensuring a unified brand presence across the ads

Google Ad Description

  1. Product_Name
  2. Product_Description
  3. primary_keyword
  4. secondary_keyword
  5. AI_GEN_Google Ad Description

Prompt Value

Generate Google ad description by optimizing dynamic keywords

Image keywords extraction

  1. Category
  2. images
  3. SKU
  4. AI_GEN_Image_Keywords_extraction

Prompt Values

Generate descriptive and accurate keywords that capture the essence of the images including objects colors locations and other distinguishing features

Keywords extraction 

  1. Content
  2. AI_GEN_Keywords_extraction

Prompt Value

Generate descriptive and accurate keywords that capture the essence of the images including objects colors locations and other distinguishing features

Passive to Active

  1. Sentence
  2. AI_GEN_Passive_to_Active

Prompt Value

  • Generate content by transforming passive voice sentences into active voice for more engaging and dynamic content.
  • Generate active voice versions of the sentences to make them clearer more direct and impactful Improve readability and engage the readers by emphasizing the subject performing the action

Product Description Generator

  1. Product_Name
  2. Product_Description
  3. primary_keyword
  4. secondary_keyword
  5. AI_GEN_Product_Description

Prompt Value

Generate a captivating product description that highlights the unique features and benefits of the product. To engage customers and drive conversions, provide the essential details such as its functionality quality and value. Be sure to emphasize the key selling points and create a compelling narrative that entices potential buyers to take action

Product Names Generator

  • product_description
  • target_keywords
  • AI_GEN_Product_Name

Prompt Value

Generate a captivating and memorable product name that reflects the brand’s identity and differentiates the product offering from competitors

Quora Answers

  • info
  • question
  • AI_GEN_Quora_Answers

Prompt Value

  • Generate informative and insightful answers for Quora that provide value to the community and establish the expertise.
  • Generate well researched responses to popular questions which offer comprehensive explanations practical advice and relevant examples

Questions Generator

  • paragraph
  • AI_GEN_Questions

Prompt Values

  • Generate thought-provoking and engaging questions to stimulate conversations spark curiosity and encourage interaction
  • Generate open ended questions that inspire deep thinking elicit valuable insights or prompt discussions on specific topics

Rewrite with keywords

  • article 
  • keywords
  • AI_GEN_Rewrite_With_Keywords

Prompt Value

Generate keyword optimized rewrites that enhance the visibility and relevance of your content

Review responder Generator

  1. contact
  2. review
  3. search_term
  4. type
  5. user
  6. AI_GEN_Review_Responder_Gen
  • Generate effective and professional responses to reviews demonstrating your attentiveness appreciation and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Generate thoughtful replies to positive reviews to express gratitude and strengthen customer loyalty Respond tactfully to negative reviews addressing concerns offering solutions and showcasing your dedication to resolving issues.

SEO Meta Tag generator

  1. product_name
  2. search_term
  3. primary_keyword
  4. product_description
  5. company_name
  6. blog_description
  7. blog_title
  8. AI_GEN_SEO_Meta _Tag

Prompt Value

  • Generate SEO-optimized meta tags for the blog posts to improve their visibility and ranking in search engine results
  • Generate compelling meta titles and descriptions that accurately summarize the content of the blog post incorporate relevant keywords and entice users to click

Youtube Description

  1. video_title
  2. keywords
  3. AI_GEN_YT_Description

Prompt Value

Generate a captivating YouTube video description that effectively showcases the videos content value and key highlights Craft a compelling narrative that engages viewers and entices them to watch Include relevant keywords, an intriguing introduction a clear description of the videos purpose and a strong call to action to encourage likes comments and subscriptions

Youtube Intros

  1. hook
  2. tone
  3. video_title
  4. AI_GEN_YT_Intros

Prompt Value

Generate captivating and professional YouTube intros that make a lasting impression on the viewers. Create an engaging introduction that reflects the brand sets the tone for the video, and grabs the audiences attention right from the start Incorporate dynamic visuals compelling animations and catchy music to enhance the overall impact Make your YouTube channel stand out with high quality intros that leave a lasting impression

Youtube Hook

  1. tone
  2. video_title
  3. AI_GEN_YT_Hook

Prompt Values

Generate irresistible YouTube video hooks that instantly grab the attention of your viewers and keep them engaged throughout the video Craft compelling opening lines or questions that pique curiosity spark intrigue or address a specific pain point. Incorporate powerful storytelling techniques humor or controversial statements to captivate your audience from the beginning

Youtube Outline Generator

  1. search_term
  2. tone_of_voice
  3. video_title
  4. YT_Outline_Gen

Prompt Value

Generate a well structured outline for the YouTube video that ensures a clear flow of ideas and keeps the viewers engaged Create a comprehensive plan that outlines the main topics key points and supporting details covered in the video Organize the content logically consider incorporating subheadings or time stamps for easy navigation and include any relevant visuals or examples

Youtube Title Generator

  1. video_description
  2. ton_of_voice
  3. search_of_term
  4. AI_GEN_YT_Title

Translate catalog

  1. id
  2. properties_list
  3. target_language_code
  4. source_language_code
  5. AI_GEN_Translate_catalog

Trending Insta Hashtag Generator

  1. product_description
  2. tone_of_Voice
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