January 10, 2019

How to customize the Products Listing view?

The Products Listing page is a centralized location where you can view all the product details. This tabular structure consists of column headers with product properties and their corresponding values. You can choose the properties you want to display for the Products Listing page.

How to:
You can click “PRODUCTS” to access the Products Listing page. To customize the columns, you can start with clicking  . The Manage Columns window shows the available properties and the ones selected for the Product Listing page. You can drag and drop the available properties on the left to the “Selected Column Properties” on the right. You can also move the selected properties up and down and set the position in the Products Listing page. The property on the top will be on the left and the one at the bottom will be on the right.

For more information about customizing the view, see Customizing your Products Listing View.

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