January 15, 2019

How to add parent products and variant products?

Once you add variants to a solo product, the product becomes a parent product and is linked to the newly associated variant products. A variant product shares common properties with its parent and every variant product is linked to its parent product.

How to:

You are now familiar with the Products Listing page (access it via the PRODUCTS tab). The default view displays both solo products and variant products. You can click for the solo product and click “Add a variant product” to add variants. You can select a property to create the variant and then click “Add”. After which, you can enter the equivalent product id and the product name.
Enter the values for the variant property. For example, if color and size is your variant property, you can enter the values for color and size. Once you enter the property values, you can click “Create Product Variant”.
The product now becomes a parent product with one child variant.

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