January 10, 2019

How to create property groups?

You can use property groups to group multiple properties. This would help in quickly locating various properties in the product details page. For example, you have 100 properties listed for a product and only four properties are relevant to the Marketing team. You can group those properties under “Marketing specifications”, so that the Marketing team can quickly locate the relevant property group and focus on the specific properties.

How to:
Now, that you are familiar with managing properties, you can directly click “Property Groups” (access it via MANAGE > Properties). You can click “Create Property Group” and start with giving a name for the property group. On the “Property Group Properties” tab, you can view all the available properties. You can search the properties listing by property name or filter the results based on property group and data type of the property. In the “Selection” column, you can use the checkboxes to select the properties for the property group and then click “Update”. You can always change the Property Group name via the “Property Group Details” tab.

For more information about creating property groups, see Creating Property Groups.

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