January 15, 2019

How to use the advanced filtering option?

The advance filtering option in the Products Listing page lets you narrow down to relevant products in Unbxd PIM. You can filter the data based on the following parameters:

  • Property
  • System property
  • Task
  • Product Group

For example, you can filter for products with property – Color “Red” AND products property – Fit “Regular & Slim”. In this case, the Products Listing page will display results matching both conditions. These filters are not saved.

How to:

You can click the PRODUCTS tab to access the Products Listing page. By default, the Products Listing page will display solo products and variant products.
To start filtering, you can click “Show Advanced Filters”, which will display the four boxes. In the Select list (first box), select the Unbxd PIM component name. For example, Property, Tasks, etc. This defines your first box.
For something like Property, the second box will display different properties, for example, Color, Size, etc. The third box will display different comparators, which includes “equals”, “does not equal”, “in”, “not in”, “has any value”, and “has no value”. The fourth box will display the property values.
You can click  to add another filter condition. This will introduce an AND condition, where all the conditions has to be satisfied for the specific products to appear.
To remove an individual filter condition row, click  .
To hide the filters, click “Hide Advanced Filters”.

For more information about advanced filtering, see Advanced Search and Filtering.

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