December 13, 2018

How to hide sensitive information for specific users or roles?

With a wide range of product properties available in the PIM system, there could be a need to hide sensitive information from certain roles in your organization. This comes in handy when you are dealing with product properties like price.

How to:

Now that you are familiar with the organization setup, you can directly navigate to “Roles” (access it via , and then click “View Organization”). The Roles Listing page will display the role name and the members assigned to a role. You can click for the role you want to set the property permission. Open the “Property Permissions” tab and in the “Permissions” column, you can hover for property you want to hide, and then click to set the permission to “Hide.”

This can also be done at the property level, click “Properties” from the “MANAGE” tab. You can then click and open the “Permissions for Roles” tab. Hereon, in the “Permissions” column, you can hover and set the permission to “Hide” for the role.

For more information about hiding sensitive information, see section “Setting Property Permissions for a Role” under Creating a New Role.

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