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How do I add products to Unbxd PIM?

You can add product data in Unbxd PIM in two ways:

  • Add products via import
  • Add products from the Products Listing page

If you have the products in a file in the following formats: .csv, .xls, .json, and .xml, you can upload the products via Imports.

If you want to manually add your products, you can click “Add a Product” via the Products Listing page.

The notable difference is that Import will add multiple products to Unbxd PIM whereas you can use the Product Listing page to add one products at a time.

For more information about product imports, see Imports.

For more information about adding products, see Products.

I have added a product to Unbxd PIM. How do I edit its attributes or properties?

You can view the newly added product in the Products Listing page. Once you locate the product, you can click to open the edit page for product. You can then hover on the property and click Edit to update the values.

For more information about editing products, see Products.

Can I have multiple roles assigned to a user?

Yes. Once you create multiple roles, you can add members or users to specific roles.

For more information about roles, see Creating a New Role.

Can I hide sensitive information for specific roles or users ?

Yes. All you have to do is open a specific role and set the property permissions to “Hide”. You can also go to Properties and set role permissions to “Hide” for a specific property.

For more information about property permissions for role, see Setting Property Permissions for a Role.

As a user, can I be part of two organizations?

Yes, you can be associated with multiple organizations and perform actions based on your role permissions. But, at a time you can view data of a single organization.

For more information about organization setup, see Organization.

Can I use my company logo for branding purposes in Unbxd PIM?

Yes. With necessary permissions, you can change the Unbxd PIM logo to your company logo anytime from the “Organization Profile” section.

For more information about changing the logo, see Editing your Organization Profile.

Can I restrict the product information access to certain users and roles?

Yes. You can hide the Product Listing page using the system permission. For a specific role, set the system permission for “Product Management” to “Hide”.

For more information about system permissions, see Setting System Permissions for a Role.

Can I import product data from a Google drive or dropbox?

No. We will support this capability in future.

I receive product data in a zip file format, can I automatically upload zip file without unzipping it?


We get daily product information updates, can I automate my imports?

Yes, you can schedule your imports irrespective of your importing frequency.

For more information about scheduled imports, see Scheduling an Import.

I have a specific set of products to work on a daily basis, is there a favorite view for the same?

Yes, you can use static or dynamic product groups set your favorite products view.

You can create a static product group to manually group products. You can add or remove products from this group anytime.

You can create a dynamic product group to define filter conditions to form a group. Products get added or removed from this group based on your filter conditions.

For more information about static or dynamic product group, see Product Groups.

When adding a product, if I choose a country (UK or US), all dimensions and sizes should default to that country’s metric system?

No. We will soon have this capability in our system.

I am a content user and deal with updating the product descriptions, will I have an individual username and password log-in with the required product attributes?

Yes, you can have separate login account and as per your property permissions you will have access to required properties.

Do I have to map my product identifiers every time I import to Unbxd PIM?

No. This is a one-time-action. After you map the properties during the first import, your subsequent imports will have the properties automatically mapped.

Can I edit multiple products all at once?

Yes. You can use the bulk edit option (under “Actions”) in the Products Listing page to perform your edit.

For more information about bulk actions, see bulk actions for products and product groups.

Is there one central place where I can view all my product information?

Yes. Products Listing page (“PRODUCTS” tab) is where you can manage all your product information.

For more information about managing products, see Products.

Can I separately manage my product attributes or properties?

Yes. You can use the “Properties” section (under “MANAGE”) to manage your product properties.

For more information about managing properties, see Properties.

How easy it is to export product information in different formats?

Once your products are certified to network, you can quickly the send the products in a specified format (.csv, .xls, .json, and .xml) via an email or SFTP location to your stakeholders.

Some users have to deal with specific product attributes or properties, can I assign them tasks to update those properties?

Yes. You can use the three-step wizard to create and assign a task. All you have to do is select the products followed by properties, and then assign the task to a member or a role.

Can I pick specific file formats for my automated imports?

Yes. You can set the specific format you want the system to pick while defining your SFTP location where your import file is stored.

Our product information from a supplier is stored in an SFTP location, can you pick files from those locations?

Yes. Once you add the SFTP details, you can right away import file from that location.

Can I customize my product listing view?

Yes. You can manage columns of your Products Listing page. This will only display properties that matter the most to your organization.

For more information about customization, see Customizing your Products Listing View.